Who is Dr. Abhijit Chavda- Why is he so popular?

Who is Abhijit Chavda

Abhijit Chavda is a well-known figure among people who precisely follow History, Physics, Geography, and Vedic Culture. Born on the 6th of November, 1976 (45 years as of 2021), He is a Theoretical Physicist, Writer, Historian and Technologist.

Mr. Abhijit has qualifications in subjects like World History, Geopolitics, Culture, and the impact of Technology on Civilization. He also runs a YouTube channel called ‘Abhijit Chavda’ (links to all social profiles mentioned in the last).

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Quick Information about Abhijit Chavda (biography)


Full Name:Abhijit Chavda
Age:45 years (in 2021)
Height:6′ 1″ (1.85 metres)
Born:Ahmedabad, Gujarat (6 November, 1976)
Abhijit Chavda

Education and profession:

Educational Qualifications:1. Masters in Mechanical engineering (from Coimbatore Institute of Technology)
2. Laxmi Chand Institute of Technology
Profession:1. Content creator on YouTube and Instagram
Interests:1. Animal welfare
2. Education
3. Environment
4. Health
5. Science and technology
Abhijit Chavda at with Ranveer Allahbadia at TheRanveerShow

Some interesting Facts:

  • Dr. Abhijit is one of the most learned persons. He is highly popular among people for his ability to answer every question professionally, scientifically, and with necessary references. If one regularly attends Mr. Abhijit Chavda’s Live YouTube sessions, they will observe that he doesn’t keep a single question asked by the audience unanswered. Indeed he has a logical answer to every question in a literal sense!
  • His video on “Ghenghis Khan” is one of the most popular videos from his channel on YouTube.
  • Mr. Abhijit has been featured in several Podcasts published on “The Ranveer show” and “Beer Biceps” YouTube channels (hosted by Mr. Ranveer Allahbadia).
  • The podcasts organized by Mr. Ranveer Allahbadia with Mr. Abhijit Chavda as a guest were the few of his most-watched videos on YouTube. Under the comment section of those videos, many people expressed their gratitude towards the guest with incredible knowledge. They also mentioned their emotions after watching the Podcast. They said they were highly amazed to learn about things they never imagined. Some were so mystified after hearing the facts on history that they couldn’t control their demand for more such videos.

Some scientific topics for which he received great engagement from the audience:

  1. The fascination behind Mathematics and Science 
  2. Minds of Extreme geniuses
  3. Creativity behind Business
  4. Is ‘Time’ a Myth?
  5. What is ‘Infinite Mind’
  6. The concept of Nation
  7. The effect of Imperialism
  8. Uncertain future of viruses
  9. What are the kinds of invisible matter
  10. Dark matter and Dark energy
  11. Impact of dark substance on Humans
  12. What are warm holes?
  13. Possible ways to travel around the Galaxy
  14. Other universes that exist
  15. Colonizing Mars in 20 years?
  16. Technology that can make your brain a superpower
  17. Astral travel

Some historical topics for which he received great engagement from the audience:

  1. The Ghengis Khan video
  2. Why has no one climbed mount Kailash?
  3. How old is Ramayana 
  4. Best books about Indian History
  5. The truth of “SATI” and reformer ‘Raja Ram Mohan Roy’
  6. Why Ghengis Khan’s tomb will never be found?
  7. Ashoka the Great Tyrant
  8. Taj Mahal’s Secret Entrance. Why is ASI hiding it?
  9. Aryan Invasion Theory: A myth.
  10. The truth about Alexander’s failed invasion of India
  11. The origin of Bengalis: Aryans or Dravidians?

Social Profiles:

YouTube Main Channel: Abhijit Chavda

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Frequently asked Questions

Who is Abhijit Chavda?

Dr. Abhijit is a YouTuber, Historian, Theoretical Physicist, Writer, and Technologist. He runs several YouTube channels with videos on History and Science. His main channel, “Abhijit Chavda” has over 250k subscribers. He is loved by many for his genuine, straightforward, and accurate information and facts on History. He is the director of Eco Science Pvt Ltd.

What are Educational Qualifications of Abhijit Chavda?

Dr. Abhijit Chavda is a PHD. He is a graduate of the Coimbatore Institute of Technology and Laxmi Chand Institute of Technology.

What is the birthplace of Abhijit Chavda?

Dr. Abhijit was born in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad in the year 1976.

When was Abhijit Chavda born?

Dr. Abhijit was born on 6 November 1976 in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad.

Is Abhijit Chavda married?

Abhijit always keeps his personal life private. Although there are sources that reveal he was married more than a decade ago. (tentative information)

Is Abhijit Chavda a Gujarati?

Yes. He was born in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad in 1970. Perhaps, he currently lives in Ahmedabad too. (tentative info)

When is Abhijit Chavda’s birthday?

6 November (born 1970)