Kuldeep Arya Veer – World Record Holder For Doing Most Push-ups in 10 hours

Introduction- Who is Kuldeep Arya Veer

Kuldeep Arya Veer (Real name- Kuldeep Saini) is an Indian Athlete, Yogi, YouTuber, Entrepreneur and Coach who holds multiple world records in doing the highest number of push-ups.

On 21 June 2017, he made the World Record of doing the highest number of Push-ups in six hours. He did 10832 push-ups in 6 hours.

On 19 June 2018, Kuldeep did 23,205 wrist push-ups in 10 hours, breaking the previous world record of a Pakistani man, around 19,000 push-ups. Likewise, he holds multiple such world records.

Kuldeep received his education and training from the Patanjali Gurukul of Haridwar in UP. He runs a YouTube Channel with the name ‘World Champion Kuldeep Arya veer’ with more than 3,50,000 subscribers in mid-2022.

Kuldeep is a Brahmachari by nature (Celibate). He has been following Celibacy since childhood, which is the reason why he is so strong, healthy, intelligent and fit.

Kuldeep is a humble and down-to-earth person. He is loved by millions of Indian bodybuilders, yogis and fitness enthusiasts.

Quick information on Kuldeep Arya Veer


Full/ real Name:
Kuldeep Saini


23 years (as in 2022)


5′ 9″ (175 cm)


74 kg (163 lbs)

Parents and Siblings:

Ashok Saini (Father)

Shreemati Santosh Devi (Mother)

Gaurav Saini (younger brother)

Marital Status/ girlfriend:

Neither married nor having any existing relationship. Kuldeep is an “Akhanda Brahmachari” which signifies he shall stay unmarried all his life.

Birthday and Year:

20 December (1999)

Place of Birth:

Kotana village, Baghphat, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Net Worth:

3 to 5 crores INR

Annual/ monthly income:

80,000 to 1,40,000 monthly income (10 to 17 lakh per annum)

Income Sources:

Entrepreneurship: From the sales of Ayurvedic products and supplements


Diet pattern/ veg or non-veg:

100% Pure Vegetarian




Delhi, India.



Contact Number (WhatsApp):

+91 98175 71662


Patanjali Gurukul, Haridwar, Uttarakhand.


Fitness Coach


Desi Pehelwan (Bodybuilder)




Multiple world records with Guinness and Golden book of world records for doing the highest number of Push-ups in a given time.


Health and Fitness

Spirituality and Yoga (hatha yoga)

Learning Vedic science and history



No controversies till date.

Future Vision:

Progress incredibly in his Spiritual and Brahmacharya life.

Work hard to make more world records in the upcoming years

Early Life and Journey of Kuldeep Saini

Kuldeep was born to Mr Ashok Saini and Shreemati Santosh Devi on 20 December 1999. He spent his childhood in a small village called Kotana in Western Uttar Pradesh. He was brought up in a middle-class family where his father worked as a government employee, and his mother was a homemaker.

Kuldeep later moved to the Patanjali Gurukul located in Haridwar for his further education and career. It was here that Kuldeep learnt the meaning and significance of Brahmacharya (celibacy) in life.

Physical activities like Yoga, Pranayama, workouts and running were a part of the daily routine of the students in Patanjali Gurukul. Kuldeep also followed this schedule for years.

He developed so much interest in performing the strength training exercises that he did them for extra hours. On one such day, he realised that he could do countless number push-ups that nobody else could in the entire Gurukul. His guru suggested he work harder on his skill, and after years of hard work, we know the consequence! Kuldeep won multiple world record titles every year since 2016.

Today, Kuldeep is a well-known influencer among Indians. He is an inspiration to millions of fitness enthusiasts, especially for the youth of India.

Some Interesting Facts about Kuldeep Arya Veer

  • Kuldeep is an Akhanda Brahmachari (committed celibate) since birth. He revealed that he has vowed to stay a Brahmachari for entire his life. He will never marry any woman or come in a relationship with any opposite gender in his lifetime. Kuldeep follows these strict norms to maintain his physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • Kuldeep does not just hold one world record in performing the highest number of push-ups but he has won multiple such titles to date. He has won about 5 to 7 such titles for doing the highest number of push-ups.
  • Kuldeep Saini, AKA Kuldeep Arya Veer, is outstanding not just by strength, but he is intelligent at the same time. Kuldeep has studied multiple Vedic Science and Mathematics courses. He has tremendous knowledge about Ayurveda, Health and Fitness.
  • Kuldeep is a very calm and wise person. He is a very down-to-earth person by nature. This is not a claim, but it was revealed by Kuldeep’s several fans who met him at an event held in northern India.
  • Kuldeep Arya Veer is a very Patriotic person. He loves his nation and Hindu Culture from the depth of his heart. Kuldeep can never take someone insulting India or its Vedic culture.
  • Every day, Kuldeep’s YouTube Channel- ‘World Champion Kuldeep Arya Veer’ is getting highly popular. His subscribers are increasing rapidly. In July 2022, he had more than 350k subscribers (3 lakh 50 thousand).
  • Even after earning so much fame and wealth, today Kuldeep Arya Veer lives a simple life. He neither smokes nor drinks. He doesn’t spend much of his money on luxurious material things. He instead loves to donate to Gaushalas and Ashrams.
  • Kuldeep is also an Entrepreneur. He runs a company that manufactures and sells Ayurvedic supplements for fitness and bodybuilding. His product “Desi Taqat” is a famous Ayurvedic supplement that is sold all around the country. It is available on Amazon too.

Social Profiles:


Official YouTube Channel


Official Instagram Profile

Contact Number (WhatsApp):
+91 98175 71662


Official Facebook page

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kuldeep Arya Veer?

Kuldeep Arya Veer (Real name- Kuldeep Saini) is an Indian Athlete, Yogi, YouTuber, Entrepreneur and Coach who holds multiple world records in doing the highest number of push-ups.

Who holds the world record for doing the highest number of push-ups in 10 hours?

Kuldeep Arya Veer from India holds the current World record with the Golden Book of World Records for doing the most number of push-ups in 10 hours. Kuldeep did about 23,205 wrist push-ups in 10 hours.

Who holds the world record for doing the highest number of push-ups in 30 seconds?

Kuldeep Arya Veer from India. Kuldeep did 53 push-ups in 30 seconds. He uploaded an unedited video on YouTube as an evidence for the same (in 2020).

What is Kuldeep Arya Veer’s height?

5′ 9″ (175 cm)

What is Kuldeep Arya Veer’s weight?

74 kg (163 lbs)

What is Kuldeep Arya Veer’s age?

23 years (as in 2022)

When is Kuldeep Arya Veer’s birthday?

20 December (1999)

Is Kuldeep Arya Veer a Brahmachari (celibate)?

Yes. He is an Akhanda Brahmachari. Kuldeep has vowed to follow Celibacy his entire life.

Where was Kuldeep Arya Veer born?

Kuldeep was born in a village called Kotana in the western Uttar Pradesh.

Which year was Kuldeep Arya Veer was born?

He was born in 1999 to Mr. Ashok Saini and Shreemati Santosh Devi

Where does Kuldeep Arya Veer live?

He currently lives in Delhi.

Where is Kuldeep Arya Veer’s hometown?

Kotana village, western UP. He currently lives in Delhi.

What is Kuldeep Arya Veer’s contact number/ WhatsApp number/

+91 98175 71662. This number has been officially provided by Kuldeep Arya for business queries. This is a WhatsApp number.

Is Desi Taqat by Kuldeep Arya Veer safe and effective?

Yes. Desi Taqat is 100% safe and effective. It’s made using high-quality Ayurvedic herbs blended in a specific ratio (as prescribed in the Ayurvedic scriptures by ancient Vedic Scholars). Desi Taqat works perfectly to boost one’s Shukra Dhatu and increase the overall body strength and endurance.

Is Kuldeep Arya married?

No. Kuldeep is an Akhanda Brahmachari. He has vowed to stay celibate his entire life. For this purpose, Kuldeep might never marry.

Does Kuldeep Arya Veer have any girlfriend?

No. He is single. Kuldeep is an Akhanda Brahmachari who has vowed to stay celibate his entire life.

Who are Kuldeep Arya Veer’s parents?

Mr. Ashok Saini (father) and Shreemati Santosh Devi (mother)

What is the name of Kuldeep Arya Veer’s brother?

Gaurav Saini (younger brother)