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Jeet Selal is an Indian certified Fitness trainer, Entrepreneur, and YouTuber. Jeet owns 2 YouTube Channels that have content in Hindi.

His main YouTube channel – “Jeet Selal Aesthetics”, with over 3.7 million subscribers, provides content on fitness (Gym & nutrition science).

He also runs a Fitness Academy with the name: ‘Himalayan Stallion’ where he provides certified fitness courses to the aspirants around the world on various topics like:

  1. Strength and Hypertrophy,
  2. Fitness and Nutrition, and
  3. Advance body Transformation.

Jeet Selal also runs a DRUG-FREE INDIA CAMPAIGN (started in 2016) to raise awareness about the harmful effects of steroids and the value of Natural Fitness practices. It is a fight against the practice of injecting steroids and other dangerous drugs.

Jeet Selal is widely known for his genuine and calm nature, scientific content, and easy, quick and organised information on fitness.

Jeet always recommends his followers to stay Natural in every situation. He is entirely against the use of Steroids and drugs when into fitness.

According to Jeet, Steroids completely ruin the purpose of fitness, exercise and nutrition.
The use of Steroids for the sake of fitness is like using a bulldozer to construct a building. An absolute useless practice!

Quick Information Table

Jeet Selal with his wife Nisha Singh Selal


Full name:
Jeet Selal


30 years (in 2022)


5′ 10″ (178 cm)


75 kg (165 lbs)

Marital status/ name of wife:

Married to Mrs. Nisha Singh Selal

Birthday and Year:

16 February, 1992.

Place of birth:

Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand.

Net Worth:

8 crores INR

Annual/ monthly income:

50 to 65 lakhs per year (4 to 5.5 lakhs monthly income)

Diet pattern/ veg or non-veg:





Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand.

also lives in Melbourne, Australia


Jeet Selal with his Father
Jeet Selal with his Father


Education and Qualification:
Professional studies in Sports nutrition and science (Australia)

Global Certification for Fitness Training

Fitness Entrepreneur


Certified Fitness Trainer

Coach (runs a Fitness and nutrition academy called Himalayan Stallion Academy)

Runs ‘Drug-Free India’ campaign

Owns a Gym in Surat called ‘B Natural’


Fitness (especially practicing the gym workouts)


Playing with pets, especially cats.

Future Vision and goals:
Mission Drug-Free India

Spread genuine fitness and nutrition knowledge among Indians and burst out all the fitness-related myths

In 2018, during a seminar, Jeet Selal mentioned in his speech that ‘Neither he nor his organization ever believes in marketing the Charity work they do. They don’t prefer revealing their charitable deeds since they are meant for charity and not for gaining popularity from the audience.
The famous Indian Bodybuilder and YouTuber, Mr Amit Panghal, soon came across Jeet Selal’s speech, and he considered Jeet’s words as a message to him. He soon reacted to Jeet by uploading a video on his YouTube channel with the title ‘Jeet Selal. Teri toh Keh ke le li’, where he abused the latter for his speech and justified his noble deeds. The controversy didn’t end here, but it also involved other bodybuilders and fitness trainers in the industry, including Gaurav Taneja.

In 2020, a YouTuber with the channel ‘Smart n Fit’ accused Jeet Selal of not being a Natural Athlete. The channel host made statements that Jeet always promotes natural bodybuilding, but in reality, he has injected steroids. Later, many of Jeet Selal’s followers came in support of him in the controversy which was in the limelight for several weeks.

Early Life and journey of jeet selal

Jeet Selal was born in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh on 16 February 1992. Since the very childhood, Jeet has been enthusiastic about sports and fitness.

For his further studies and career, Jeet Selal moved to Australia as a teenager. There he joined a local gym to continue with his fitness journey.

One such day, Jeet was executing his regular workout in his gym in Australia when he noticed that a young boy roughly aged around 16 to 17 years was wearing a jacket. Jeet had been noticing the boy for the past few days, and It was a surprise for Jeet to see the boy wearing a zipper jacket in such a hot climate where everybody was sweating.

Jeet’s curiosity made him approach the young boy and ask him about the jacket. He politely asked the boy, “What happened Champ? Why are you wearing a zipper jacket in such a hot climate? Are you ill?”

To this, the young boy replied, “Oh yes, I am well. Just that my body is such that I cannot show it to others.”

“What do you mean?”

The young boy then opened his jacket to show his arms and upper body. They were completely covered with stretch marks, red bumps and rashes. No spot on his body was left uncovered with such symptoms.

Jeet was completely surprised. He asked the boy, “How did this happen?”

The boy told Jeet that the Gym owner, who himself was a bodybuilder, suggested to him some supplements and injections that build the body with ease. He followed as was told to him, and from the next day, all this happened.

This incident had touched Jeet’s heart.

After doing some research, he found that it was steroids that cause such severe symptoms. He learnt that such cases occur in thousands in India every month, which is a very high figure.

He decided that it shall be his duty to run campaigns to raise awareness and free India from the use of Steroids and other such drugs. This is where he launched the ‘Mission Drug-Free India’ in 2016.

Jeet had professional knowledge about health, nutrition and fitness because he had studied it professionally in the UK for several years before returning to India.

Jeet returned to India to his hometown in Uttarakhand and after a few months of preparation and studies, he launched his own YouTube channel with the name, “Jeet Selal Aesthetics” in January 2016.

With consistent hard work and regular video uploads, he soon reached 1 million subscribers. After six years, in June 2022, he had reached the count of 3.7 million subscribers on his main fitness channel.

On 30 December 2019, Jeet along with his wife Nisha Selal, launched a new YouTube channel called ‘Himalayan Stallion’. This new channel was for Jeet’s regular vlogging videos on the demand of his followers. Today, in mid-2022, Himalayan Stallion has about 110 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Jeet Selal aspires to finish off the use of Steroids and other drugs in the Gyms of India for which he has been working hard. His mission has received support from many fitness trainers and bodybuilders all around the Country.

Jeet also aspires to spread the right fitness and nutrition knowledge among Indians for which he is running the Himalayan Stallion Academy.

Some Interesting facts about jeet selal

  • Jeet Selal is one of the most popular Fitness YouTubers and influencers from India. Even though he joined YouTube long after Rohit Khatri Fitness, he gained much more popularity and trust from the audience when compared to the latter.
  • Jeet Selal is a proud Indian who is patriotic by nature. He loves his country India from the depth of his heart.
  • Jeet is a Shiva Devotee. He loves to worship Mahadev. He also has a tattoo depicting Lord Shiva on his upper back.
  • Jeet Selal is an all-rounder! He runs two YouTube channels, several gyms around the country and a Fitness and Nutrition Academy. He also works as a Coach at Goqii International and simultaneously manages the Drug-Free India Campaign.
  • Jeet has a 100% Natural Body. He admits that he never used drugs like Steroids to build his body. He said, “I never used any kind of artificial drugs to manage the bodily hormones, and I would not recommend anyone doing it for their fitness goals.” Jeet is completely against the use of steroids. He only recommends natural bodybuilding and fitness lifestyles to everybody.
  • Jeet is a very down-to-Earth and Humble person by nature. He frequently donates money for charity purposes. He treats his fans and followers as a family and never lets the Ego come in.
  • Jeet is highly passionate and enthusiastic about fitness. He never misses his workouts and gym sessions. Jeet revealed this in one of his Instagram Live sessions in 2021.

Social Profiles:

Official Instagram page


Official Facebook Page

Main Fitness YouTube channel

Himalayan Stallion (vlogging and personal life related content)


Official LinkedIn Profile


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jeet Selal?

Jeet Selal is an Indian certified Fitness trainer, Entrepreneur, and YouTuber. He owns 2 YouTube Channels that have content in Hindi. His main YouTube channel – “Jeet Selal Aesthetics”, with over 3.7 million subscribers, provides content on fitness science (Gym & nutrition).

What is Jeet Selal’s height?

5′ 10″ (178 cm)

What is Jeet Selal’s weight?

75 kg (165 lbs)

How to access Jeet Selal’s personal training?

Although Jeet Selal hasn’t published any information on his personal training services, he can be contacted via his website’s ‘Contact us’ form at One can also mail him at [email protected] for their queries or business deals.

Is Jeet Selal married or has a girlfriend?

Jeet is married. He got married to Mrs. Nisha Singh Selal who is a writer by profession.

What is Jeet Selal’s wife’s name?

Nisha Singh Selal

What is Jeet Selal’s relationship status?

He is married to Mrs. Nisha Singh Selal.

What is Jeet Selal’s wife, Nisha Selal by profession?

Nisha Selal is a writer by profession

Which pet does Jeet Selal own? What is its name?

Jeet has a pet cat called Simbha whom he had adopted in 2020.

How to join Jeet Selal’s Himalayan Stallion academy?

The step by step process to join the Himalayan Stallion Academy with its respective fee structure is available at the website:

Is Jeet Selal a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

He is a Non-Vegetarian

Is Jeet Selal a Natural athlete?

Yes. Jeet Selal is Natural. The secret behind his bulky body even after being natural is his consistency. He has been working on his body since past 14 to 15 years. The latter also revealed this several times on his Instagram and YouTube content.

What is Jeet Selal’s net worth?

In 2022, his net worth was around 8 crores INR.

What is Jeet Selal’s monthly/ yearly income?

50 to 65 lakhs per year (4 to 5.5 lakhs monthly income)

How to contact Jeet Selal? What is his contact information?

1) Contact form available at
2) Email address 1: [email protected]
3) Email address 2: [email protected]

Where is Jeet Selal’s hometown?

Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. He also owns a house in Australia.