Nikki Blackketter Gymshark!- Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Height, etc.

Introduction to Gymshark Nikki Blackketter

Nikki Blackketter is an American Fitness Trainer, Model, YouTuber, and Influencer. Although her real name is Michelle Blackketter, she is widely known as Nikki.

Nikki had a struggling life earlier, where she had to move to San Antonio in search of a stable career. Before this, she lived in a little town near San Antonio- Texas. Nikki revealed that she had just a few dollars left in her bank account when she moved to her new location.

Nikki Blackketter- the Gymshark didn’t just have financial issues, but during her school days, she also caught some adverse habits like drinking alcohol and eating junk every time, which further physically affected her body and mind.

Being fed up with all the chaos in life, one day, Nikki decided to put a full stop to it and instead work on her career. For this, She joined a gym and did consistent workouts. She also balanced her diet and soon figured out the value of her life! Her dedication was such that she never skipped a single workout day in a week. Nikki then started putting in more effort to achieve a Model-like physique, which she did!

Today, Gymshark Nikki Blackketter is a well-known fitness trainer and model in America.

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Quick Information on Gymshark Nikki Blackketter

Nikki Blackketter Gymshark


Full/ Real Name:
Michelle Blackketter


30 years (in 2022)


5′ 1″ (155 cm)


53 kgs (116 to 117 lbs)

Marital status/ boyfriend:


(Was previously in relationship with Christian Guzman and Teddy Hammork)

Birthday and year:

23 February. 1992.

Place of birth:

San Antonio, Texas.

Net worth:

Nikki has an estimated $2 to $3 million of Net Worth (as in 2022)

Annual/ monthly income:

200k to 350k USD annually

Diet pattern/ veg or non-veg:





Houston and San Antonio.




Nikki Blackketter Gymshark
Post-Graduate from the Community College of San Antonio.


Fitness Coach,

NPC Bikini Athlete,



Public Influencer.


Health and Fitness


Influencing Women

Gym workouts


Early Life and Journey of Nikki Blackketter:

Michelle Blackketter is the real name of Nikki Blackketter. Nikki grew up in a little town outside San Antonio, Texas. She completed her graduation and soon left for San Antonio to pursue a career. Another reason to shift to a bigger city like San Antonio was her desire to reside in a more developed city.

She got admitted to a Community college for further studies because that was the only less expensive option! Soon she realized that the community college wasn’t meant for her. The environment, the people, and the lifestyle there were completely unfavorable to Blackketter. It intoxicated Nikki’s life so horribly that alcohol and junk food became her daily partners.

Nikki Blackketter worked only to survive. She just earned enough to fill her stomach and stay alive. With no goals, savings, and aspirations in life, she and her friends were just another Alcohol addict American who sneaked out every night to drink alcohol. From her 18 to roughly 22, this continued for years.

Nikki thought that Alcohol was the only solution to her misery and frustration, and so she consumed it like a depressant. But all these were destined to come to an end, and with time, Nikki started realizing how her habits were pulling her more deeply into the Swamp.

One morning, when Nikki got up to her mirror, she was so fed up with herself that she decided to end all her misery at any cost. Enough of it now!

Nikki soon joined a local gym that looked more like an old-age workout zone since a majority of its members were above 60 years of age. Nikki started lifting light weights. Although she didn’t have the access to a professional trainer, she managed to work out following YouTube fitness videos.

Initially, Nikki got emotionally broken since alcohol was no more with her. She was not much athletic during her school days. Also, her friends too started distancing Nikki, for she was no more hanging over with them. Losing so many friends made Nikki lonely.

But a kind of fire and aspiration in Nikki kept her dedication alive. Nikki didn’t skip a single day going to the gym. She soon started enjoying her workouts because they were making her feel good from the inside. In no time, she could notice the results reflected on her body.

Gymshark Nikki’s routine was so tight that she came home at 11 PM and went to the gym by 11.30 PM.

To counter the loneliness, Nikki started being active on her social media. Initially, by joining Tumbler, she soon made accounts on Facebook and Instagram where she gained a lot of supporters.

With seven months of dedicated workout routines and a well-balanced diet, Nikki had achieved a physique that could compete in the NPC Bikini competition.

On the encouragement from her followers on social media, she got convinced to give it a chance, and Nikki soon entered the stage of NPC Bikini. It was a surprise to Nikki that she was placed 2nd in the overall game.

It was here that Nikki Blackketter met Christian Guzman, who she later got connected with on Facebook. After having conversations for months, they started dating each other. Even today, Christian Guzman is Nikki’s boyfriend!

Christian Guzman is also a bodybuilder who was present in the NPC competition on the day when Nikki was competing in her first bikini competition.

Some Interesting Facts about Nikki Blackketter

  • Nikki Blackketter had a struggling past where she was financially unstable. She also got addicted to alcohol and regular junk food consumption. It was until her 22 that she was into all these.
  • During the journey of Gymshark Nikki to becoming such a famous fitness influencer, she lost many friends who didn’t like Nikki’s new lifestyle and determination towards her goal.
  • Initially, to counter her loneliness and gain some support, Nikki joined the Social Media platforms like Tumbler, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • It was Nikki Blackketter’s ex-boyfriend who recommended Nikki start her YouTube channel to provide content on fitness and gymming.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Nikki Blackketter?

Nikki Blackketter is an American Fitness Trainer, Model, YouTuber, and Influencer. Although her real name is Michelle Blackketter, she is widely known as Nikki.

What is Nikki Blackketter’s age?

30 years (in 2022)

What is Nikki Blackketter’s real/ birth name?

Michelle Blackketter

What is Nikki Blackketter’s height?

5′ 1″ (155 cm)

What is Nikki Blackketter’s weight?

53 kgs (116 to 117 lbs)

When did Nikki Blackketter break up with Teddy Hammork?

In the early 2022, Nikki broke up with her boyfriend Teddy Hammork.

When did Nikki Blackketter break up with Christian Guzman?

On 5 October 2016

When is Nikki Blackketter’s birthday?

23 February (born 1992)

Where was Nikki Blackketter born?

She was born in a small town near San Antonio, Texas.

Which year was Nikki Blackketter born?

1992 (23rd February)

What is Nikki Blackketter’s net worth?

2 to 3 million USD (as in 2022)