Riya Deepsi- The Most Beautiful and Charming Gandhari of all time!


Riya Deepsi is an Indian actress and fashion model famous for her role of Gandhari in the popular Television series- Mahabharat 2013. Riya was born on 19 May 1995 in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore. She later moved to Mumbai in 2008 because of her father’s job transfer.

Riya previously worked in multiple movies and series like Bharat ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratab (2015), Razia Sultan (2015), Porus (2017), and Bhaagte Raho (2018).

She completed her BA specialising in Film Making from the Himgiri Zee University (Dehradun).

Quick Information on Riya Deepsi

Riya Deepsi Actress - Gandhari Mahabharat


Full Name:
Riya Deepsi


27 years (in 2022)


5′ 6″ (168 cm)


61 kgs (134 lbs)


19 May (born in 1995)


Indore, Madhya Pradesh (unofficial)

Relationship/ Marital Status:

Unmarried. No existing relationship.

Food/ Diet Pattern (veg or non-veg):







Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Riya Deepsi Actress and Model


Secondary Education from Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty High School and Junior College, and Columbia Convent

Bachelor of Arts in Film Making from Himgiri Zee University (Dehradun).


Actress and Model


1. Travelling
2. Dance
3. Music
4. Acting
5. Health and Fitness

No known controversies to date.

Some Interesting Facts about Riya Deepsi

  • Riya Deepsi played a crucial role in the television show- ‘Mahabharat.’ Very few know that Riya was just 17 years old when she played the role of ‘Gandhari’ in the program. Her outstanding acting in the show won the hearts of millions of viewers.
  • Riya is a nature lover. She loves places covered with greenery, hills and lakes.
  • Riya is not followed by just the Indians on Instagram but has a global fan following for her beauty and personality, especially from Indonesia.
  • Riya once played a side role in the popular television series ‘Mata ki Chowki.’
  • Before commencing her acting career in the Television industry, Riya used to work as a theatre artist in Nadira Babbar Theatre Group. She worked there for four consecutive years.
  • Riya was just 15 years old when she began taking side roles in various movies and programs. She was 17 when she signed one of her most successful and popular roles which was that of ‘Gandhari’ in Mahabharat 2013.
  • In an interview, Riya revealed that it was a very difficult task for her to act with her eyes covered for such a long time. The reason why the blindfolding role was so difficult for her was that it restricted her ability to express her emotions.
  • Riya Deepsi also took part in the 2nd and 4th seasons of the Box Cricket League, where she played for Chennai Swaggers and Goa Killers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Riya Deepsi?

Riya Deepsi is an Indian actress and fashion model famous for her role of Gandhari in the popular Television series- Mahabharat 2013.

What is the name of Gandhari in Mahabharat 2013?

Riya Deepsi

What is Riya Deepsi’s age?

As of 19th May 2022, Riya was 27 years old.

What is Riya Deepsi’s height?

5′ 6″ (168 cm)

What is Riya Deepsi’s weight?

61 kgs (134 lbs)

Is Riya Deepsi married?

No. Riya is not married yet. Neither has she revealed anything about her relationship or affairs.

Who is Riya Deepsi’s boyfriend?

As per the sources, Riya isn’t engaged with anybody. She is single.

Is Riya Deepsi a Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian?


Does Riya smoke or drink?

No. The young actress neither smokes nor drinks. She is indeed against such practices.

When is Riya Deepsi’s birthday?

19 May (born in 1995)

When was Riya Deepsi born?

19 May 1995

What is the eye colour of Riya Deepsi?

Black with Light brownish tint.

What is Riya Deepsi’s religion?