Aman Dhattarwal – Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, income, etc


Aman Dhattarwal is an Indian Influencer, YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Career guide and coach. He is popular among Indian students, especially among those who are struggling in life and who can’t figure out which way to go for a bright and stable career.

Aman Dhattarwal was born on 22nd September 1997 in New Delhi. He is the founder of “Apni Kaksha” and is a Bachelor in Technology (B. Tech) from NSIT Delhi.

He has a vision of reaching out and helping millions of students all over the country to choose the right career path.

He conducted multiple seminars as a guest speaker in 75+ reputed colleges and universities that include the IITs, BITs Pilani, IIITs, NITs, SRCC, Jadavpur University, etc.

Aman firmly believes that India, with the highest youth population in the world, has a great chance to become the global leader in the next few years. Therefore Aman, in his own way, is helping the young Indian hustlers to identify their true potential, provide them with proper access to education, motivate them, and finally achieve a common goal.

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Aman Dhattarwal with Neeraj Chopra

Quick Information on Aman Dhattarwal


Full Name:
Aman Dhattarwal


24 years (As in September 2022)


6 Feet (183 cm)


76 kg (168 lbs)


22 September (born 1997)

Place of Birth:

New Delhi, India

Girlfriend/ Marital Status:
No known girlfriends. He is unmarried.

Net Worth:

100 to 120 crores INR

Annual/ Monthly Income:

12 to 15 crores INR per annum

Income Sources:
Self-Employment (YouTube, self-owned companies)

IIT-JEE Faculty at Unacademy (All India Top ranked professor)

Affiliate Marketing

(many more sources)

Food/ Diet Pattern (veg or non-veg):







New Delhi, India.


Educational Qualifications and Training:
Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj (2010 – 2013)

Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram (2013 – 2014)

Bachelors of Technology from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIM) 2015 – 2019


Faculty at Unacademy (IIT JEE coach)

YouTuber (runs multiple YouTube channels)

Coordinator at Jaipur Foot (a US based NGO)

Founder of Hustler Bay, Apna College, and Apni Kaksha

17x TEDx Speaker

6+ Million connections across various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Honoured as a Guest Speaker, conducted seminars at 100+ reputed universities of India (including the IITs, NITs, BITs Pilani, SRCC, etc)



Lawn Tennis

Exploring new fields and places

Helping the hustlers, especially the students to move the right path


Future Vision:

Reach millions of Indian Students who are confused about their career and guide them the right path for a secure and stable future.

Ensure the easy access to education to each and every individual


No known controversies.

Some Interesting Facts about Aman Dhattarwal

  • Aman Dhattwaral is a quick learner since his very childhood. He grasped things quickly and remembered it long. He was a very bright student during his school and college days. He always scored between 90 and 95 percent in all of his academic subjects.
  • Aman has a huge fan following among Indian students. Summing up all his social media networks, Aman has about a 6 million huge family! He has 4+ million subscribers on his YouTube Channel- “Aman Dhattarwa”
  • Aman is an excellent Lawn Tennis Player. He went Tennis classes for about 7 to 8 years during his school days.
  • Aman started making money at a very young age, even before his graduation was complete. When he was in the 2nd year of his engineering, he was earning so much that he could easily look after his own expenses.
  • Aman believes that ‘One’s learning shall never stop.’ If a person stops learning, he stops growing.

Social Profiles:

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Apni Kaksha

Apna College

Hustlers Bay


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Aman Dhattarwal?

Aman Dhattarwal is an Indian Influencer, YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Career guide and coach. He is popular among Indian students, especially among those who are struggling in life and who can’t figure out which way to go for a bright and stable career.

What is Aman Dhattarwal’s Age?

Aman is 24 years (as in September 2022)

When is Aman Dhattarwal’s birthday?

22 September (born 1997)

Is Aman Dhattarwal married? Who is his girlfriend?

No. He is neither married nor has revealed about any existing relationship.

What is Aman Dhattarwal’s Net Worth?

In the financial year 2022, his Net Worth was around 100 to 120 crores INR

What is Aman Dhattarwal’s Annual Income?

12 to 15 crores per annum

What is Aman Dhattarwal’s monthly Income?

His monthly income ranges from 1.2 crores to 1.5 crores per month

Which college did Aman Dhattarwal graduate from?

He did his B. Tech in IT from the Netaji Subhas University of Technology in Delhi from 2015 to 2019.

Which Delhi Public School did Aman Dhattarwal go?

For 3 years he went to the Vasant Kunj Delhi Public School (2010-2013). Then, for 1 year he went to the R. K. puram branch of Delhi Public School (2013-2014).

Did Aman Dhatarwal give any TEDx Talks?

He is a 17 times TED speaker.

What is Aman Dhattarwal’s height?

6 Feet (183 cm)